Returns wasted heat using your Electric clothes dryer

"It's like having a free space heater running in your house"

vent genius works with your clothes dryer and dryer duct to return heat back into your room.

Vent Genius - Only $29.99

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installation of clothes dryer heat saver

Easy to Install

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Very Little Moisture & Lint

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Customer Reviews

It only took me about 10 minutes to hook up. Ran 3 loads of laundry and definitely noticed the difference in temperature in my house.
Great product!


I received my Vent Genius today, installed it, then ran my dryer. I was checking for heat, and at first it was just blowing air but then the heat kicked in and it heated up the room real well. I opened my laundry door so the heat and smell could spread into other rooms of my house.
It does what it claims


Was cold last night and put it on. Does the job! Also my wife likes the smell. But we usually use 2 laundry sheets every time so that probably amplifies the smell.


Recycle Heat From Your Clothes Dryer

Vent Genius recycles wasted hot air that is vented from your clothes dryer by recirculating that air into your home when the weather is cold.  The recycled air has virtually no lint or moisture.  And it has the added benefit of filling your home with the scent of fresh laundry. (see it in action)


Fresh laundry scent was not the intention of the Vent Genius but it is a very positive result. Vent Genius will blow fresh laundry scent from all of the products that you use to make your clothes smell great. Scents such as dryer sheets, fabric softeners, detergents, and generally any scent additive that you use to do your laundry.


Dryer air averages at about 130 to 140 degrees.  We return some of that hot air into your home (you can take the Vent Genius off in the warm months).

And it is OK if your dryer is in the basement because hot air rises.


  • 1. The Vent Genius is for ELECTRIC DRYERS ONLY
  • 2. Must clean dryer vent as needed - See "Care For Your Dryer Vent" page
  • 3. Check with your local building codes for compliance and restrictions
  • 4. The Vent Genius must be installed with the vents facing upward
  • 5. Vent Genius will bump your dryer out a few inches from it's current position
  • 6. Leave laundry door open to sustain "good" air quality. This will also help spread the heat to other rooms in the house.
dryer vent made in usa
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