About Vent Genius

During one of those freezing cold winters in the Midwest, Gary Benz realized that his furnace had been running almost non-stop for a week.  He looked out the window at the hot air being vented from his electric clothes dryer out into the snow.   “What a waste of heat”, he thought.  So, he went to work trying to recapture that heat.  He went to Home Depot and looked at some products.  One product simply vented all the air into the home.  But that also dumps all the moisture from the dryer air into the home, coating the walls and ceiling, and possibly creating mold.  He found a condenser online that took out the moisture, but at about $500, it was not economically feasible.  So he went to work trying to devise a solution and came up with the Vent Genius.  Vent Genius separates the air being vented from an electric clothes dryer.  Some of the air takes moisture and lint and vents it to the outside of the home/condo/apartment as usual.  But he noticed that, at a certain point, the air at the top of the vented air stream seemed dry and almost entirely lint free.  So he designed Vent Genius to capture that beneficial portion of the air stream and send it back into your home.  If you put your hand over the Vent Genius, you can feel a nice, strong flow of air coming into your home.  And that air will mix with the rest of the warm air in your home to help warm it.  Or it will rise out of the basement (hot air rises).  It is like having a free space heater running in your home.  No additional power used, no added carbon footprint.

Another benefit is that it takes some of the fresh laundry scent and adds it to your home.  It could be the scent of your detergent, the dryer sheets you use, or the dryer balls you use.  Vent Genius is a free air freshener.

And it only takes a couple of minutes to put on for the winter and take it off for the summer.  Putting it on and taking it off also has another benefit…  dryer manufacturers recommend that you check and clean your dryer vent at least once a year.  Lint fires are generally caused when lint is clogged in the vent house and it backs up all the way to the heating element in the dryer.  This happens because people don’t check the vent hose.  But the process of taking the Vent Genius on and off will make you take a look and see what is going on back there. 

The major caveat is that this is NOT for gas dryers.  You do not want the fumes from a burning fuel source coming into your home.  This is only for electric dryers.

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You can buy a Vent Genius here:  https://ventgenius.com

With a 100%, 60-day, money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying it.