About Us

dryer heat recovery

Vent Genius was created by Gary Benz during a cold winter in Cincinnati, Ohio. Gary found a product on the market that displaced the common clothes dryer exhaust back into the room and he thought it was a great idea. Upon purchasing the device he installed it and found that after a few loads of laundry there was a significant amount of moisture in the room.

The moisture result was wet walls and beading of water on the ceiling. Gary knew that the excessive moisture was not good so he removed the device. The following year the winter was extremely cold so Gary decided to purchase again the heat recovery device but this time send the exhaust to his garage. He found that the device was not available so he set out to make one of his own. While making the device he decided to partition the exhaust as to only take a portion of the dryer exhaust.

Gary installed his new heat recovery device and found that by partitioning the exhaust he isolated the driest part of the exhaust. To test the moisture of the exhaust he covered the exhaust that returns to the home with a paper towel. After many loads of laundry he found that the paper towel was totally dry. Gary continued to use the heat recovery device until his business partner Jim came into the picture. Jim found the idea captivating and immediately encouraged Gary to go to market.

Jim knew that renewable energy devices are great contributions to the marketplace. He also knew that the fresh laundry scent that the Vent Genius omits would be desirable to the average consumer. So Gary and Jim decided to bring the Vent Genius to market so that you can appreciate the benefits of energy savings, lowering your carbon footprint, and adding a fresh laundry scent to your home.

We use and enjoy the Vent Genius and we hope that you will too!