About Us

dryer heat recovery

Vent Genius was created by Gary Benz during a cold winter in Cincinnati, Ohio. Gary bought a product that takes air from the exhaust of a common clothes dryer and put the air back into his home. But the device did not work well.  After a couple loads of laundry, there was a significant amount of moisture in the room.

The result was wet walls and beading of water on the ceiling (possible source of mold). Gary knew that the excessive moisture was not good so he removed the device. The following year the winter was extremely cold so Gary decided to invent the Vent Genius. Gary's idea was to partition the air and separate the "good air" (air that is dryer and virtually lint free) from the "bad air" (high in moisture and lint).

To test the moisture of the air from the Vent Genius, he covered the Vent Genius with a paper towel. After many loads of laundry he found that the paper towel was totally dry.

Gary decided to bring the Vent Genius to market so that you can appreciate the benefits of energy savings, lowering your carbon footprint, and adding a fresh laundry scent to your home.

We use and enjoy the Vent Genius and we hope that you will too!