Q:Why is Vent Genius for Electric Dryers Only?
A: Electric dryers use a heating element to heat up the air, where other dryers such as gas and propane are a burning fuel that produce carbon monoxide.

Q: Will the Vent Genius blow lint into my laundry room?
A: Most of the lint that passes by the dryer screen will exit outside with the moist part of the air. However, some lint may reach the upper part of the Vent Genius where it will be caught by the vent screen. 

Q: Will the Vent Genius Bump my dryer out from the wall?
A: Since it is located between the dryer exhaust port and the duct your dryer will bump out approximately 3 inches.

Q: Where does the fresh scent come from?
A: The scent that the Vent Genius blows out comes from the laundry detergent, bleach, fabric softner, and mostly the dryer sheets used when doing laundry.

Q: I have a small laundry room. Will it be too much heat?
A: In situations where the laundry room is small it is encouraged to leave the door open so that the heat and smell can spread through the home. Even if the laundry room isnt small it is beneficial to leave the door open.

Q: Do I have to maintenance the Vent Genius?
A: It is encouraged to check the screen on the Vent Genius every so often to make sure that there isnt any lint buildup. If you see lint it is super simple to slide the screen out, brush off, and replace.

Q: Should I use the Vent Genius if my dryer is in the basement?
A: Not only can it help heat your basement, since hot air rises it will help heat the floor above.