Product Features

Vent Genius Features

Vent Genius sends over a quarter of the warm dryer exhaust back into the room that it is in. The dryer air is approximately 140 degrees. The results will vary but it does not take a genius to know that returning that warm air will help to heat your home or business.

Returning dryer exhaust is basically recycling heat back into your home. With millions of clothes dryers imagine the impact that Vent Genius will have on the overall carbon footprint.

Fresh laundry scent was not the intention of the Vent Genius but it is a very positive result. Vent Genius will blow that fresh laundry scent from all of the products that you use to make your clothes smell great. Scents such as dryer sheets, fabric softeners, detergents, and generally any scent additive that you use to do your laundry.


  1. Save Money on your heating bill
  2. Lower your carbon footprint
  3. Add Fresh Laundry Scent